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LA's thin blue line loses track of its big, bold lies in LAFD domestic violence scandal.
Abuser told victim LAPD will ignore 911 call. Mayor Bass, City Hall, LAFD Chief Silent.
"This isn’t a political hit job. This is a nonpartisan endeavor to stop an inadequate nominee."
@TheGussReport - Last week, The Guss Report got its second-highest readership traffic since moving to the Substack platform, when I exclusively exposed…
@TheGussReport - Back in October, The Guss Report broke the story about a sexual harassment investigation at the LAFD in which its likely next chief…
A dubious storefront had red flags all over it.
Daniel Guss - @TheGussReport — Last week, I had productive dialogues with several Los Angeles politicians. My one rule for engaging is simple: let’s…
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